Welcome to Bridgepointe

Bridgepointe’s El Sueño Project In The News

Our El Sueño (“The Dream”) Project was featured in a Detroit Free Press article by Rochelle Riley. This media exposure will continue to help us enrich the lives of the fourth graders who attend Academy of the Americas, an elementary school in Detroit.

Welcome to Bridgepointe

Fifteen years ago, we were a small group of friends offering support and friendship to a Detroit public elementary school. Now, thousands of volunteers have come together, empowering us to partner with schools in Detroit, Northville, Novi, Canton, Hamtramck, Pinckney, and various faith-based schools. You can support our mission to link city and suburb by becoming a volunteer, making a donation, or simply spreading the word about our efforts.

Bridgepointe is a non-profit charitable organization based in Detroit, Michigan.
Our mission is to bring together school children from city and suburb. Contact us to volunteer or donate today.

Bridgepointe is a non-profit charitable organization based in Detroit, Michigan.
Our mission is to bring together school children from city and suburb.
Contact us to volunteer or donate today.


Bridgepointe non-profit is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educate, inspire, and empower the children of Detroit and its surrounding suburbs through direct personal experiences and living relationships.

We are committed to encouraging the personal growth of teachers, students, and volunteers by connecting school children from the city and suburbs of Detroit. As members of these communities come together to achieve a common goal, we hope to unlock the potential of the children while opening the door to cultural understanding.
With the help of volunteers and partners, we organize a variety of social, educational, and life-enhancing events each year while also providing life essentials to the metro Detroit community.

About Us

We started our journey in 1998 as a small group of friends who believed that true change could best be accomplished by reaching out to our youth. We began by working with one elementary school in Detroit: together, we celebrated the holidays with music, food, games, and gifts. Since then, we have expanded into ten Detroit and Hamtramck schools, providing a wide array of programs from tutoring to field trips to summer enrichment. We partner with many schools in the suburbs to promote mutually beneficial relationships between the students, as well as cultural understanding. Our tutoring programs, holiday parties, food packaging efforts, and other events are actually a part of the curriculum in the Novi, Northville, and Plymouth/Canton school systems. Last year, 2,500 students from Detroit schools participated in Bridgepointe events, and that does not even count their counterparts in the suburbs. We now partner with 24 public and faith-based suburban schools. In addition, hundreds of adult volunteers contribute to our efforts.

The generous support of our local business and community partners, school partners, volunteers, and board help make our vision a reality: we believe that the children come first and education is paramount.

Bridgepointe’s efforts are entirely comprised of volunteer work: every dollar donated and gift contributed goes directly to where it is needed most.

Discover What We Do


Metropolitan Detroit has one of the largest graduation gaps between suburban and urban school communities in the United States. Bridgepointe’s growing volunteer base works with participating schools to provide educational seminars, field trips, special events, and literacy and tutoring programs in order to help bridge this gap.

Bridgepointe is committed to helping students achieve greater academic success through educational support focused on instilling a sense of pride and self esteem within the children, and by extension, within their community. We know firsthand the power of interactive education in unlocking a child’s possibilities. By working together over consecutive years, we build relationships based on trust and understanding, allowing us to meet the students’ academic and social needs.

Career Days

We help to organize classroom visits from a variety of professionals who make short presentations about their career. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear about a wide range of occupations. If you would like to talk to a class about your career, please contact us.

Shared Field Days

Our field days offer an opportunity for children from different schools to come together for a day of fun outdoor activities and games. The field day can take place in a park or on school property—any green space will work. This event encourages the students to learn about team building, make new friends, and enjoy being active.

Helping to Develop and Support School Libraries

Bridgepointe has extensively developed and supported Detroit school libraries. In the past and ongoing, the organization has helped to supply, organize, catalog, and shelve thousands of books so that Detroit students and their teachers can have access to a wide variety of books.

As of today, Bridgepointe has helped build and organize six Detroit school libraries.


Volunteers visit a particular student at a Detroit school during school hours or during the after school program. Usually meeting every other week, the student and volunteer get a chance to befriend each other, as well as work through any academic challenges facing the student. In the past few years, we have expanded the tutoring program, and have even offered sessions using Skype/Face Time!

Introducing El Sueño

Visit the El Sueño page!

el sueno

El Sueño (“The Dream”) Project is a pioneering academic program implemented by Bridgepointe in 2013. Bridgepointe, working with the school staff and various community partners targeted the entire group of fourth grade students attending Detroit’s Academy of the Americas. Today this same group of 95 students are finishing the sixth grade. Our goal is to provide both academic and social life experiences to these specific students following them each year of their education through high school.