Metropolitan Detroit has one of the largest graduation gaps between suburban and urban school communities in the United States.  Bridgepointe’s growing volunteer base works with participating schools to provide educational seminars, field trips, special events, as well as literacy and tutoring programs in order to help bridge this gap.
Bridgepointe is committed to helping students achieve greater academic success through educational support focused on instilling a sense of pride and self esteem within the children, and by extension their community. We know firsthand the power of interactive education in unlocking a child’s possibilities.

Please review some of the programs that Bridgepointe has helped impact. If you have any questions about future events, please contact us or check our calendar.

  • El Sueño

    What we have learned in the past 17 years of working in Detroit, is that one key factor for change, is through education. That personal interaction, face-to-face contact and long-term invested relationships can change lives. Bridgepointe’s mission, is to provide as many resources and enrichment programs that the teachers feel are needed for the students to academically succeed each school year. This El Sueño group of youth, will learn new skills, be challenged to think independently, discover new worldviews, and go on adventures in order to provoke personal growth. We also help support the teachers and offer these students tutoring and mentoring. Bridgepointe is working closely with the families, community organizations and businesses so all of us together are invested in each student’s education. Our long-term goal is to follow these same students through high school, with the hope of preparing them for college.

    The basic idea of El Sueno is that if we invest in children’s education and show them that they are important, capable, and in charge of their future, they will succeed and work hard to do so.

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  • Career Days

    We help to organize a variety of professionals to visit classrooms and make short presentations about their career. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear about a wide range of occupations.

  • Shared Field Days

    This offers an opportunity for children from different schools to come together for a day of fun outdoor activities and games. The field day can take place in a park or on school property any green space will work.

  • Helping To Develop and Support School Libraries

    Bridgepointe has extensively developed and supported Detroit school libraries.  In the past and on going, the organization has helped to supply, organize, catalog and shelve thousands of books so that Detroit students and their teachers can have access to a wide variety of books.

    As of today Bridgepointe has helped develop and organize 6 Detroit school libraries.

  • Tutoring

    Volunteers visit a particular student at a Detroit school during school hours or during the after school program. Usually meeting every other week, the student and volunteer get a chance to befriend each other, as well as work through any academic challenges facing the student. This year we plan to expand the tutoring program, and even offer sessions using Skype/Face Time!

  • Travel Group

    Throughout the school year the same group of students travel to different areas in southwest Michigan to have new experiences, helping to expand student’s sense of self and develop more of life’s possibilities.

  • Reading Rallies

    Bridgepointe encourages literacy and a love of reading through multiple reading events throughout the school year. The largest of these is held during Michigan’s “March is Reading month”.

  • Detroit Chamber Music Society

    Bridgepointe offers some of our partner Detroit schools a residency program which exposes students to chamber music in an interactive way by cultivating the student’s interest through lectures, demonstrations and live performances.

  • Mentoring/Lunch Buddy Program

    This program involves meeting with a student at least twice a month to have lunch and offer support to that child.

  • Educational Seminars

    We are committed to exposing the children to educational seminars by bringing educational and motivational speakers to the schools.

    Educational Examples Include:

    • Bring poets and authors to our partner schools
    • Bring musicians to schools
    • Help to expose children to art
    • Bring science programs for children to experience
    • Help establish pen pal programs to encourage writing and building relationships
    • Work with a group from Bloomberg News with our schools to encourage research and writing
    • Workshops to encourage self esteem through Girls/Boys Empowered
    • Listen to the needs of teachers and try to support their efforts
    • Each year we have brought new and gently used books to the school for the children to take home
  • Kid's Against Hunger

    For the past eight years Bridgepointe has brought together students from Northville Public Schools with students from Detroit Public Schools to package meals for the hungry through the organization Kids Against Hunger. We have brought approximately 7,000 students together to package over 750,000 meals, which have been distributed both globally and locally.